Machine Learning

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Di, 12.02.2013
Wie hast du dich auf die Klausur vorbereitet?: 
Most of the work was done during the semester, doing the exercises and reading the book "Machine Learning" from Tom Mitchell, which matches the lecture to 90%. I couldn't attend a single lecture, so I saw the professor for the first time in the examination. I prepared intensively the last 5 days before the examination.
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Wo lagen Deiner Meinung nach besondere Schwierigkeiten der Klausur?: 
Do not get stressed if he switches topics very often. It's a good signal.
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Thomas Low
Good atmosphere. With the first general question he will give you the opportunity to talk about your preferred topic. Use it! Afterwards, he will wildly switch topics and ask a bit of everything.
If you had trouble with a certain question, he will give you time and tips so that you find a correct answer. He is giving high value to understanding rather than 100% precise definitions.