Student equality commission and awareness unit

At the next FaRaFIN meeting (10.01.2019), we would like to present and
discuss a concept for a student equality commission and an awareness
unit at the FIN. We would also like to fill the corresponding posts
directly at this meeting. We are of the opinion that all those affected
should have the right to vote. Therefore, at the meeting, we plan to
give all attending students from our faculty an opportunity to vote in
this matter.

For this reason, we would like to explicitly invite all interested
students to our meeting.

Furthermore, we would be very happy about suggestions from your end. We
would be glad if you could send them to or (if you
prefer to contact us directly) to Muffin (lisabeth.kiel (at) or
David (david.magnus (at) Of course, we are also available for
further questions.

So, what is the unit about?

The unit (or the group) should consist of the commissions for equality,
internationals and students with disabilities, as well as other persons
who would like to contribute actively and helpfully. The presentation
will deal with the prevention of sexism, sexual harassment, racism and
other forms of discrimination. It will also work closely with the
appropriate offices in the university. Furthermore, the group should
intervene in crisis situations and also work to draw meaningful
consequences in incidents.

The student representatives of the  commission should be be a discreet
and protective contact point for students and would be active in the
above mentioned unit. We will provide appropriate training for these
students. If you are interested: we are looking for people who can
listen well and can keep their peace even in difficult situations. We
plan to fill the assignment with two persons. Together, these people
must meet the following requirements (i.e. at least one person should be
able to do so): German-speaking, international, female.

We would be very happy about active support.

Best regards,
Muffin & David