study course discussion “Digital Engineering”

Hey peoples,

upcoming now is a study course discussion for the study course Digital Engineering on the 20th of November from 2pm to 5pm in room 301 (G29-301).

Study course discussions take place in the context of the system accreditation of the OVGU with the focus on the respective degree program, in that context they serve the quality assurance in study and teaching and provide a forum for sharing about developments and issues within the degree program.

For this conversation the focus is on the following topics:

  • Problem: Topics and supervision of master theses
  • Available courses of curriculum (capacities)

Of course other current topics can also be discussed.

If you want to participate please provide a short feedback to Sven Gerber (sven.gerber ‹at›, or – if you are a student – to Mariam Riaz (mariam.riaz ‹at› so she can forward them bundled. Please make it clear in the subject that you are referring to this study course discussion. This is not required but helps the organizing people planning this discussion.

If you can not participate in this discussion but want some topics to be discussed, you can provide your feedback directly to Mariam Riaz, or you can also write directly into this pad what you want to be discussed there.