Podcast about student life in Magdeburg

Hi people,
today we have a special thing for you. One of our FIN-students (Anirban) has a little (english) Podcast about student life in Magdeburg and we want to support him a little bit. So here are some facts he gave us:
About the Podcasts:
It is a series of interviews conducted with current students of M.Sc. Digital Engineering and Data and Knowledge Engineering. The discussion topic is HiWi job or student job in a software company in and around Magdeburg. There are over 15 episodes. 4 episodes are uploaded. New episodes come every Thursday and Sunday.
What is the problem that I want to address?
Many international aspirants connect to me, via my blog and also, over social media. There is very little awareness/information about student experiences doing jobs in Magdeburg, on the internet. Among the new incoming students, there is also a lack of awareness and/or clarity.
Content of the podcasts:
In the interview, I have enquired primarily about where the student is working and what s/he is working on, how s/he got to know about the job, what differences in work/study culture they see in Germany when compared to their home country, and how important is the German language in their work life.
Expected assistance to the listener:
I believe if a student listens to the episodes, s/he would get to know a variety of jobs that exist, opportunities that exist, different ways the guest got the information about the job and how they can expect their work culture to be, should they decide to apply for a job. Their awareness should be slightly more. They could also reach out to the guests for further guidance.
Here are the links, where you can find his Podcast:
You can find all the episodes listed on his blog:
Enjoy listening!