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Welcome to the Faculty of Computer Science (FIN)!

Dear first-year students,

you would like to study at our Faculty of Computer Science and are looking for the perfect start to your studies? Then register for the FIN pre-courses and the mentoring program!

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You missed the pre-courses and the introduction day for the summer semester 2022? No problem!
Check out the respective online offerings and use the collected materials (slides, videos, ...).
Also, please register for the mentoring program here so that we can assign mentors to you!

Your FaRaFIN

Preliminary courses:
Summer semester: 21.03. to 31.03.2022
Winter semester: in planning

  Zu den Vorkursen

Introductory days:
Summer semester: 01.04.2022
Winter semester: in planning

  Zu den Einführungstagen

begins in the introductory days

  Zum Mentoring

Not scheduled in the summer semester, if needed contact post@farafin.de and we will put you in touch with a mentor.

  Zu den Master-Einführungstagen

You are not yet enrolled at FIN? Well, you should catch up quickly. Because the comprehensive and personal support at the start of your studies is just one of the many reasons why our faculty offers the best study environment in Germany:

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