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Student Representatives

Yolanda Thiel, 11.10.2021 16:41

heating doesn't work

Yolanda Thiel, 07.10.2021 16:58

Dear students, today we have rather unfortunate news.

The heating in building 29 is not working at the moment since certain pipes can not be delivered at the moment.

The good news: we have a replacement heating container which should cover the heating at least partially.

The bad news: it might take till the end of next week until it is connected, so please wear some warm clothes and stay safe!

Programme for the introductory week 2021

Tim Härtel, 03.10.2021 10:28

Einführungstage Wintersemester 20/21

Es gilt 3G für alle Indoor-Veranstaltungen! Haltet also bitte einen Nachweis bereit!

(english below, international students can take part any of these Events, but be aware some Events will be held in german)

Montag, 4.Oktober

10 bis 11 Uhr

G26 H1

307 + weitere Räume G29

Begrüßungsveranstaltung der Fakultät für Informatik für alle Studienanfänger der FIN durch das Dekanat und durch die Fachschaft und Laborbelehrung (für Bachelor und Master)

Im Anschluss

Vor G26

(weitere Infos folgen)

Ab 17 Uhr

G29 – 307 + weitere Räume G29

Spieleabend (Anmeldung erforderlich!)
Anmeldung: Mail an spieleabend@farafin.de mit Betreff "Anmeldung Spieleabend EWoche".

Dienstag, 5. Oktober

9 bis 10 Uhr

G29 - 307

Studiengangsvorstellung Ingenieurinformatik Bachelor



Stundenplanerstellung Ingenieurinformatik durch Mentoren

12 bis 12:30 Uhr

12:30 – 13:00

G29 - 307

Studiengangsvorstellung Informatik Bachelor

ab 12:30 Uhr

ab 13:00 Uhr

INF-A: G29-301 + 336(?)
INF-B: G29-K058
INF-C: G29-335
INF-D, INF-E, INF-F: G29-307

Stundenplanerstellung Informatik durch Mentoren

Ab 17 Uhr G29-307 Vereinsvorstellungsabend (Anmeldung erforderlich!) Anmeldung: per Mail an post@farafin.de unter dem Betreff "Anmeldung Vereinsinfoabend EWoche"
18:45 Uhr Treffen am Hasselbachplatz Master-Get-Together-Kneipenabend (Voranmeldung erforderlich!)
Anmeldung per Mail an jana.eisoldt@st.ovgu.de

Mittwoch, 6. Oktober

9 bis 10 Uhr

G29 - 307

Studiengangsvorstellung Computer Visualistik Bachelor

10 Uhr – 11:45 Uhr

G29 - 307

Stundenplanerstellung Computer Visualistik

12 bis 13Uhr

G29 - 307

Studiengangsvorstellung Wirtschaftsinformatik Bachelor


WIF A – G29-427
WIF B – G29-K058
WIF C – G29-335

Stundenplanerstellung Wirtschaftsinformatik

16 Uhr


Interkulturelles Training für deutschsprachige internationale Studierende an der FIN

Ab 18 Uhr

Vor G29


Donnerstag, 7. Oktober

Ab 10 Uhr


Willkommenstag der Uni

Ab 13 Uhr

Präsenz: G29-335

Online (via BigBlueButton): https://bbb.cs.ovgu.de/b/chr-as4-auo-yjv (633837)

Einführungsveranstaltung zum Master Visual Computing

Ab 13 Uhr


Einführungsveranstaltung zum Master DKE

Ab 16 Uhr


Einführungsveranstaltung zum Master DE

Ab 18 Uhr

G29-307 + weitere Räume in G29

Spieleabend (Anmeldung erforderlich!)
Anmeldung: Mail an spieleabend@farafin.de mit Betreff "Anmeldung Spieleabend EWoche". Anmeldung auch als Gruppe möglich!

Freitag, 8. Oktober

9 bis 11:00 Uhr

G29 - 307

Mastereinführung + Q&A

(MA Informatik, MA Ingenieurinformatik, MA Wirtschaftsinformatik)

Ab 12 Uhr

Start G29


Ab 15 Uhr

Nordpark Grillwiese


Introduction days winter semester 21/22

3G is in effect for all indoor events! So please have proof ready!

Monday, 4th October

9 to 11 am

G26 H1

Welcome event of the Faculty of Computer Science for all first-year students of FIN by the Dean's office and by the student council and laboratory instruction (for Bachelor and Master)

11 am

Front of G26

Campus Rallye

(more info to follow)

19 am

G29 - 307

Game night (registration required)
Registration: Mail to spieleabend@farafin.de with Subject "Registration game night EWoche".

Tuesday, 5th October

9 to 10 am

G29 - 301

Introduction to Computer Systems in Engineering Bachelor


Will be announced

Preparations of timetable

Computer Systems in Engineering

12 to 12:30

12:30 to 13:00

G29 - 307

Introduction to Computer Science Bachelor


INF-A: G29-301 + 336(?)
INF-B: G29-K058
INF-C: G29-335
INF-D, INF-E, INF-F: G29-307

Preparations of timetable

Computer Science

18 am


Club presentation evening
Registration to post@farafin.de with Subject "Registration club info evening EWoche".

Wednesday, 6th October

9 to 10 am

G29 - 307

Introduction to Computational Visualistics Bachelor


Will be announced

Preparations of timetable

Computational Visualistics

12 am to 1 pm

G29 - 301

Introduction to Business Informatics Bachelor


WIF A – G29-427
WIF B – G29-K058
WIF C – G29-335

Preparations of timetable

Business Informatics

4 pm


Intercultural training for German-speaking international students at FIN

Starting 6 pm

Front of G29


Thursday, 7th October

Starting at 10 am

University campus

Welcome Day at the University

Starting 1 pm

On site: G29-335

Online (via BigBlueButton): https://bbb.cs.ovgu.de/b/chr-as4-auo-yjv (633837)

Introductory event for the Master Visual Computing

Starting 1 pm

G29 - 307

Introductory event for the Master DKE

Starting 4 pm

G29 - 307

Introductory event for the Master DE

Starting at 8 pm

G29 - 307

Games evening (registration required!)
Registration: Mail to spieleabend@farafin.de with the subject "Registration Games Evening E-Week". Registration also possible as a group!

Friday, 8th October

9 bis 11 am

G29 - 307

Master's introduction + Q&A

(MA Computer Science, MA Computer Engineering, MA Business Informatics)

Starting 12 am

Start Front of G29

City Rallye

Starting 3 pm


Final barbecue

Next Game Night in Person on September 3rd

Yolanda Thiel, 26.08.2021 15:15

We hereby invite you to a game night in person again!

On September 3rd, starting at 6 p.m.

G29 - 307 and other rooms

How do I participate?
Register at spieleabend@farafin.de with "first name, last name" for each person.
Also possible as a group up to 6 persons!

Further info!
The "3G" rule applies, i.e. participation is only possible with proof
of a negative test from the same day, a complete vaccination certificate or
a proof of recovery! Please have your student ID or passport ready for the evening.
Furthermore, we have a limit of 50 people due to space limitations!
We will therefore also split up a little over other rooms on the 3rd floor.

The game evening is a first test run for presence events.
We therefore ask for your understanding!

If the amount of people who want to participate should be clearly larger than the person limit we plan another date soon :)

Best regards,
your Game Night Team

CHE Ranking 2021

Lydia Munick, 24.06.2021 16:03

Dear students,

as part of the surveys for the CHE University Ranking 2021, the survey for Master students is now due. Towards the end of this week (week 25) you will be invited to take part in the survey by mail. The survey will be open up to and including August 23, 2021.

The CHE ranking is important for many Master's applicants in their decision-making process, so we appreciate any support.

The following FIN programs are surveyed: Computational Visualistics (M.Sc.), Data and Knowledge Engineering (M.Sc.), Digital Engineering (M.Sc.), Computer Science (M.Sc.), Computer Systems in Engineering (M.Sc.).

Summer Events

Lydia Munick, 23.06.2021 18:24

Dear students,

also this year a summer party, as we celebrated it in the past, is unfortunately not yet possible. Nevertheless, we have thought about it and want to create an alternative :)

For the next week we have planned 3 cool events, to which you are cordially invited! Here is a little information for you and we will of course inform you again for each event at the appropriate time:

Quiznight on Wednesday, 30.06. from 18 o'clock
We have prepared a little quiznight for you! The questions revolve around the topic "summer".
In teams of up to 6 people you can register at vorstand@farafin.de with the subject "Registration Quiznight". Tell us in the mail your team name and how many people you are. Deadline for registration is 30.06 at 17:30.
The whole thing will take place on our Discord server in the category "Quiznight". We will prepare the teamchannels for you.
What's in it for you? A social, fun evening and for the first 3 places there are prizes ;)

Cocktail evening on Friday, 02.07. from 19 clock
We thought a small socializing evening with cocktail mixing together is a great idea to get to know each other better. We pack for 20 participants a small package with the ingredients for a non-alcoholic Caipirinha. (If you want to mix the alcoholic version, you have to get the alcohol yourself). So if you want to participate and get a package, please contact vorstand@farafin.de with the subject "Cocktail Evening". First come, first serve.
On which platform the evening will take place will be following in the next few days. We are currently trying something new, but we don't want to promise too much yet.
We also have the company "Bridgefield" at this event. They sponsor us the evening and if you like, you are welcome to exchange with them. But just like the motto: everything can, nothing has to.

Cooking evening on Saturday, 03.07. from 17 clock
You like cooking, want to meet new people and / or get inspiration for delicious recipes? Then join us on Saturday for a cooking evening and socializing!
From 16 clock we gather on the Discord server in the category "Kochen / Cooking" and all can prepare together and talk comfortably. From 17 o'clock we will start cooking. As a small motto we have thought about "favorite summer dish", but you can cook anything you like :) Of course you can also just come and meet new people and chat. The evening is of course open and you can also later play some games together online.

You will get all the information on our social media channels in the following days!

CHE Ranking

Lydia Munick, 07.06.2021 13:31

Dear students,

you are currently receiving e-mails about the CHE University Ranking, which is published on ZEIT.de . Please take the time to rate your FIN study course there. The ranking is important for our oureach and we would therefore be happy if many of you would participate.

Thank you very much in advance!

Committee Elections - Go vote!

Lydia Munick, 30.05.2021 22:36

This year again the elections for the committees will take place. From tomorrow until 11.06. you can vote for your student representatives in the committees of the university via the LSF!

The biggest question is probably: Why should you vote? That's what our latest Instagram post explains.

You can find out which committees you can vote for, who is up for election, and lots of other information on our website in the Committee Elections tab.

Please "go" vote and place your votes! It is so important!

Do you have any further questions? Then write us an email or contact us on our social media channels.

Survey for examination period

Lydia Munick, 18.05.2021 14:20

Dear FIN students,

What was the exam period like for you last semester?
Which online exam form did you like best, what didn't work for you?

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey so that we can actively contribute to the design process for the upcoming exam period. The survey will only take a few minutes, but you are welcome to answer the questions in more detail.

Thank you for participating,
Your FaRaFIN


game night in may

Lydia Munick, 13.05.2021 14:23

Dear students,

on Friday, the 21.05.2021 from 19 o'clock, is the next game night!

Just join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/6YzD6BT3Wy) and click through. Everyone will find the right game for himself :)

At 19:10 o'clock, when hopefully everyone has found their way, there will make a small welcome in the category "LOUNGE" in the voice channel "Ankündigungsplatz-Announcements".
If you have any questions or want a new game channel, you can always send us a message in the text channel "Ansprechpersonen - Contact Persons" with the @Mod. The moderators will respond as soon as possible!

We are looking forward to see you und hope we all have a nice time together - no one is alone! :)