*Unofficial english versions of the documents are being added as soon as they're translated*

Here you can find our rules and regulations, as well as the current budget.

Rules of procedure

The rules of procedure regulate the course and organization of the meetings, the announcement of decisions, the work and internal organization as well as the structure of the FaRaFIN. They also specify the confidentiality of the members of the FaRaFIN.

Statutes and Financial Regulations

In addition to our own rules of procedure, we are of course also affected by higher-ranking regulations and laws.

Statute of the StuRas (to be found here)
Financial order of the StuRas (to be found here)
StuRas fee schedule (to be found here) - This schedule determines the funds that are distributed to the student councils.
In addition, everything that has to do with elections is determined by the election regulations (to be found here).
In the higher education law of the state of Saxony-Anhalt (to be found here), of course, there are also regulations that affect us. Especially the §65 is interesting, whereby this one mainly determines the rules of the StuRas. Printed versions of these are also available in the FaRa office.
We also have to observe the state budget regulations (here).

We will not mention any higher regulations separately here.


The budget defines all income and expenditure for the year. In particular, we are not allowed to spend more money than planned in a so-called pot - e.g. we are not allowed to provide more money to support external projects than is invested in the corresponding pot. However, we may also adjust the budget below the year by means of a supplementary budget.

The budget is normally determined at a December meeting in the previous year.