Minor subjects in computer science

Everybody who studies computer science has to take at least 15 CP in the minor subject. This does not have to be 3 times 5 CP as stated in the standard curriculum, but more CP can be taken in total and also in other denominations.

Since the minor subject is primarily intended to enable students to look beyond their own horizons, a true variety of possibilities can be taken here, namely the minor subject can be put together from all modules offered at the OvGU.

If it is agreed with the lecturer, there can also be more credit points for a module: e.g. for "Introduction to Numerics" in the minor subject Mathematics or Numerics, it can be agreed with the lecturer that there is one credit point more for the module and then you get 10 credit points.

Below is a list of minor subjects (last comparison January 2013) that have already been approved once with their subjects (many thanks to Martin Hünermund for the listing):

Minor in English Studies

Minor in Design

Industrial Design Proiect

Module 1 - Fundamentals of Industrial Design

Module 2 - Applications to Industry

Basic product design course

Environmental Design

Minor in Electrical Engineering

General electrical engineering

Introduction to Communications Engineering

Introduction to Systems Theory

Electrical drive systems

Information and Coding Theory

Communications I

Optical communications engineering

Programmable Logic Circuits

Minor in European Studies

The War

Financial Accounting

European Integration

Social Inequality in the European Context

Minor in German Studies

Introduction to Pragma and Sociolinguistics

Specialized languages

German Linguistics: Basic Course

Word and part of speech

Minor in Communication Technology

Introduction to communication technology

Information and coding theory

Communication Systems

Minor in Logistics

Factory Planning

Logistics Process Analysis

Logistics process management

Logistics system planning

Material flow theory

Material flow accounting

Technical Logistics - Basics

Technical Logistics - Process World

Admission material flow

Minor in Mechanical Engineering Informatics

CAD/CAM Applications

CAD/CAM Management

CAx Basics

Integrated Product Development

Product Modeling

Minor in Mathematics


Algorithm-oriented graph theory

Algorithmic Mathematics I (and II)

Analytic Number Theory I

Computer-oriented mathematics

Introduction to Combinatorics

Introduction to Cryptography

Introduction to Mathematical Optimization

Introduction to Numerics

Elementary Number Theory

Integer linear optimization

Combinatorial Optimization

Linear Algebra I and II

Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry I and II

Measure and Integration Theory

Numerics of ordinary differential equations

Numerical linear algebra: systems of linear equations and matrix equations


Statistical Methods

Stochastic differential equations

Stochastic processes

Scientific Computing I and II

Partial Examination Algebra

Minor in Mechatronics

Embedded Systems 1

Information Processing for Mechatronic Systems

Mechatronics l - Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical Systems

Mechatronics ll - Design of mechatronic systems

Mechatronic Systems l

Minor in Communications Engineering

Introduction to RF Technology

Introduction to Communications Engineering

lnformation and coding theory

Communications Systems

Communications I

Optical Communications Engineering

Minor in Neuroscience

Biological Statistics

Biological Statistics Tutorial

Biological Psychology 1

Developmental Psychology 1

Learning & Memory


Systems Neurophysiology

Theoretical Neuroscience 1

Theoretical Neuroscience ll

Minor in Physics

Fundamentals of Microsystems Engineering

Semiconductor Devices I and II

Semiconductor Quantum Structures

Materials Physics II

Physics I and II

Physics III (atomic and quantum physics)

Laser Physics

Minor in philosophy

Introduction to theoretical philosophy

Introduction to practical philosophy

Death, Mortality, Immortality

Philosophy and Ethics of Science

Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

Minor in Psychology

General Psychology l / 1

General Psychology l / 2

General Psychology II / 1

General Psychology II / 2

Industrial and Organizational Psychology l

Industrial and Organizational Psychology lI

Biological Psychology 1

Biological Psychology 2

General Pedagogy and Educational Psychology

Differential and personality psychology

Introduction to psychology and its history

Developmental Psychology 1

Developmental psychology 2

Organizational and personnel development, teamwork - basic course

Educational psychology l

Educational psychology ll

Social psychology 1

Social sciences

The war

Dictatorships in comparison

Introduction to techniques of scientific work

Introduction to human rights and human rights policy

Introduction to the social sciences

Wars in the world society

Minor in Systems Engineering

Chemistry for STK

Research under space conditions

Fundamentals and Processes of Chemical Engineering

Minor in Economics (here also note the corresponding restrictions of the FWW - at best to be inquired at the student's advisor or the examination office)

Activity Analysis & Cost Assessment

Applied Game Theory

Managerial Accounting

Civil Law

Introduction to Business Administration

Introduction to Economics

Decision theory, probability and risk

Exploratory Data Analysis

Commercial and Corporate Law

Investment Financing



Organization & Human Resources

Production, Logistics & Operations Research

Accounting & Publicity