Study problems

Having problems is not bad

You have problems in your studies? You are afraid of not passing an important exam? You have the feeling that your expectations are too high? You imagined studying differently? You feel that studying is too much for you and you are worried about everything? You feel listless and listless for days on end?

It is not bad to have such problems. Everyone can have such problems, even people you don't think have them. The only bad thing is not to get help when you do.

This may be said faster than done. But maybe this video will help you a little bit.
So get help. Fortunately, there are a lot of people at this university who are there to do just that, to help you.

Help at the university

First of all, you can ask your mentor if he or she has had similar problems and how he or she dealt with the situation.

At the Examinations Office, with Ms. Warnecke-Timme and Ms. Schlächter, you can have all problems clarified, not just those concerning examinations. Depending on the type of problem, they will either help you find a solution or help you directly.

Furthermore, there are Mrs. Kirbs, Mr. Astafan and Mr. Schmidt from the General Student Advisory Service. You can ask them about all questions and problems that arise during your studies. They will look for the reasons for your problems and together you will work out solutions.

Ms. Eisenblätter from the PSB (Psychosoziale Studierendenberatung) here in Magdeburg could help you if you suffer from feelings of being overwhelmed, fears, doubts or other personal problems. By the way, such psychological problems affect more than one in five students. So don't be afraid to confide in these people.

With the fellow students from the project "Hammock", who all study Master Psychology, you can talk about all kinds of topics and problems that may occur in your everyday life.

The study program directors are the contact persons for all questions you have about the study program and if you don't get along with the requirements in your study program. Your contact person is Prof. Hansen (CV), Prof. Mossakowski (Inf), Prof. Arndt (WIF) or Prof. Ortmeier (IngInf).

At the Studentenwerk there is a social counseling service, which can give you good advice about everything outside of your studies, e.g. how you can finance your studies.

Last but not least, you can also come to us at FaRaFIN. We have an open ear for all kinds of problems and try to help you as much as possible.