When/how do I get my schedule?

First of all: There is no prescribed timetable, you can and must decide for yourself which lectures you attend and when. For your course of study there is a standard study plan in the Study and Examination Regulations (SPO), which shows a sensible division. In the course catalog LSF you can look up which lectures take place at which times.

During the introductory week before the start of the semester, you will find out how to put together a timetable with this information, which you should definitely attend. If you missed this appointment, ask your mentor or the FaRaFIN.

What kind of notebook do I need for my studies?

For your studies at FIN you don't need a notebook, because you don't need a computer during the lectures at the university or you will be provided with one. You can also do programming tasks and the like in the freely accessible computer labs.

In the university itself, a pad and a writing utensil of your choice are sufficient to take notes during the lecture.

Your computer does not have to be particularly well equipped. Computer science tries to develop algorithms that are as efficient as possible and require little computing power. Any reasonably up-to-date computer will do. If you don't have your own computer, you can also use the computers in the FIN at any time (in the sense of around the clock), which also meet the requirements.

Further questions?

If your question was not answered here, please send us an email to post@farafin.de.