Project Funding

The FaRaFIN receives a part of the student fees to help shape the life of the students at FIN.
You can also apply for funding for your projects that are for the benefit of FIN students. To do this, you must do and observe the following things:

  1. You can create an informal application or alternatively fill out the financial application form (see below) that is common to all student representatives. You can then send this online to post@farafin.de . It should contain:
    • a description of your project
    • a detailed budget plan with planned income and expenses
  2. Upon your request, you will then be invited to one of our meetings and face our merciless questions ;)
  3. If you have received funding from us, send a final financial statement of your event/project to vorstand@farafin.de within 3 months after the project date.

IMPORTANT! We accept applications only from persons of the student body! Basically, any support we give is a loss support. So in case of more income or less expenses than planned, you are forced to pay back the amount not needed.