Report of a student on the internship


In this text I will present how it can be arranged to get an internship and a bachelor thesis under one hat and to set it up successfully in order to complete one's studies with it. In the beginning I will talk about planning and preparation, then about these two areas for the internship and finally about the aspects to complete the bachelor thesis.
Like any text, this one is also subject to incompleteness, and therefore additions from the reader are welcome.

Regulations / Beginning

According to the regulations of the Faculty of Computer Science, the internship and the bachelor thesis go hand in hand. This is due to the fact that the bachelor thesis has to be registered eight weeks after the beginning of the internship or six weeks after the beginning of the semester in which the internship mainly takes place. Basic regulations are internship-[1] and examination regulations[2]
of the FIN, for this reason these are to be worked through as a first preparatory step, so that later clarity exists: where the hare runs along.


The goal of the internship and the bachelor thesis are to prepare the student for independent work and acquisition of knowledge. The bachelor thesis is a scientific text, which should not contribute any new knowledge, but show that the author is capable of organizing and applying his knowledge and presenting the results in context. This work is extensively covered in the professional literature.

Much of the bachelor's thesis is written while the student is still working in the company, so it is essential to be clear beforehand: what do I want to show with my thesis?
This goal is to be seen as the polar star for everything that follows, as it is motivation and a fixed point, should the path become confused or all hope be lost in the foliage. In order to realize this goal, it is helpful to become aware of one's own preferences and interests, to write them down, to weigh them according to their weight and importance for the self, and then to choose the field in which the bachelor thesis will be written.

Preparation - General

From the point of view of the computer scientist, the bachelor thesis and the internship are two "threads" in one and the same "process" -- completion of the studies. After the result of this has already been determined, we now have to think about the algorithm to achieve it. As the first now on the practical course is to be dealt, which is divided into the alternative conversions inland and abroad.

The rule of thumb for the internship is a planning and preparation time of one year, i.e. if an internship is planned for the winter semester, it should be started in the preceding winter semester. The beginning of this is the already described definition of objectives. This will determine which of the alternative implementations will be chosen and which companies will be contacted.
will be contacted.

Preparation - Contact

Possibilities for contacting a company are via professors, web portals or the employment agency of the federal government or the university.

Points of contact for both domestic and international are on the web, e.g.:
* XING.com -- business portal with its own profile page and establishment of contact network.
* monster.de -- job and internship exchange

At the university, in addition to professors, are:
* Scientific continuing education and graduate placement
* LEONARDO Office Saxony-Anhalt

These positions now require a curriculum vitae and a letter about myself, so that they can evaluate to what extent I am suitable for the position.
Furthermore, a proof of academic achievements is necessary, which can be requested at the examination office of the FIN, and will be sent to the respective office together with the rest of the application documents.

Preparation - Accommodation / Money

After it is clear what we want to do and now where to do it, it is important to take care that the start at the internship location goes as smoothly as possible. The most important point is the accommodation, which can be found either through local providers -- newspaper, web, housing cooperatives -- or in consultation with the company. This must be paid for, so a bank account is necessary.
necessary. For foreign accounts, either open one with a bank that has branches in Germany and the destination country, e.g. for Sweden this is SEB, or open an account with a bank in the destination country, bearing in mind that transfer fees may apply for transfers from a German account to the foreign one. Furthermore, attention should be paid to payment methods in the destination country.
country. If EC-Maestro cards from Germany are used for payments, fees of 1% of the amount or at least 3.50 EUR will be charged, the same applies to cash withdrawals at ATMs -- EC card information. A credit card is an inexpensive alternative for international payment transactions, but it does not carry the same fees as an EC card.