Accounts, Mail and more

On this page you will find all information about the online services of the university. We also have many cool services like a cloud, a GitLab, survey tools and much more - more info on this can be found in the technology corner.

URZ Account (University Computer Center)

As a student you always have a URZ account - you will receive the registration data with your enrollment documents. In case of problems you can contact the URZ.

You can use this account as follows:

as WLAN access:

FIN-Cluster (CPU)

As a joint collaboration of multiple chairs of the faculty a
computational cluster exists that is usable for students if they work on
a project related to their studies.
More information can be found at

Video conferencing

In the times of Corona two offers for videoconferencing were introduced, which you can use for university projects or private meetings:

On https://bbb.cs.ovgu.de you can use with your URZ account the software BigBlueButton for videoconferencing, which is hosted directly at our university, and thus offers better privacy than Zoom.
You can log in to Zoom at https://ovgu.zoom.us with your URZ account to use premium features.

FIN labs

For most of the lab computers at our faculty your URZ account is valid. For some computers (e.g. computers with Linux) you need a FIN- or a special institute account. You can get these accounts during the corresponding course. Whichever computer pool you use, please respect the user rules for the labs.

University e-mail

As a student you will get an e-mail address of the form firstname.lastname@st.ovgu.de. When you activated your URZ account you got a piece of paper with your exact address on it. Since names are not unique, sometimes numbers or additional letters appear. Note, only the first firstname shall be used.

You can retrieve these e-mails with any e-mail client or via a web interface (webmail). You should do this regularly, because you sometimes receive important, official e-mails via this address.

Alternatively, you can forward all incoming e-mails to another e-mail address. You can create the forwarding in the webmail by entering your other address under "Forward Email".


The servers of the university are very well connected to the internet. Therefore they are ideal to offer your personal website.

At the URZ

As a student of the university you receive storage space on the URZ servers from the computer center. At the moment this is 1 GB. You can use this space for your e-mails, but also for your websites.

The URZ has published instructions on how to create your pages.

On these web servers you can also use PHP pages and by e-mail you can request a MySQL database.

At the FIN

You can also create web pages on the FIN servers. You have to upload the pages via SSH/SFTP connection to one of the FIN servers (trex.cs.uni-magdeburg.de or grex....).

You cannot use PHP because of the personal views of the technicians, but you can use a J2EE server on request.