Parties & Events

For all our events we need many hardworking helpers. If you want to support us, please write an email to post@farafin.de.

Dragon boat race

Every year the traditional Uni-open dragon boat race takes place at the Salbker See II. The sports team and teams of different faculties like the mechanical engineers or electrical engineers compete against each other on a 200m long course. Of course, a team of the FIN cannot be missing. After being second to last for years, we have already managed to conquer the midfield and be among the 9 best. We want to keep this place this year and who knows, maybe we will manage to get the cup of the principal.

Introduction Week

During the introduction week the freshmen are welcomed. In a relaxed atmosphere we will show them the campus, some sights and of course the nightlife of Magdeburg. There will also be a freshman brunch. So there will be plenty of opportunities to meet mentors and of course fellow students. Additionally, some important information and people will be presented.

FIN-Summer Party

The FIN classic is back! Every year, FaRaFIN organizes the Summerfest: on a beautiful summer day, FIN-ers swap their basements for the North Park to study a different kind of "trees" for a change. The day starts with a rally through the park with many innovative games for you to play. Afterwards we will barbecue for you in front of the FIN and offer you an entertaining program!

FaRaFIN-Christmas Party

Just in time for Christmas, we invite you to the traditional FaRaFIN Christmas party, which takes place every year under a different motto. Enjoy the pre-Christmas season in a cozy atmosphere, with mulled wine and lots of home-baked waffles. If you come dressed for Christmas or according to the theme, you will receive free admission. Otherwise the entrance fees will be donated to charity.

Game Night

Once a month there is a game night in the lecture hall. There you can get to know other students, staff members and of course us. Besides the traditional board games, Singstar and a Wii are available for you. So if you need a little diversion from the daily university routine or want to meet up with your friends,... just come by. We will provide snacks and something to drink.

FINternational Master's Night

Once or twice a semester an International Master's Night takes place at FIN. All students who would like to meet people from other cultures are invited. We eat, talk and play together - all in all we have a nice evening together. The exact date will be announced on our website.


At the end of the summer semester the committee elections are coming up. You have the opportunity to elect representatives for the Student Council, Student Council, Faculty Council and Senate. As a thank you for your vote we will reward you with food and drinks on the last election day.

Long Night of Science

On this evening, not only FIN, but also other faculties of the university and other research institutions throughout Magdeburg open their doors. The aim is to discover the current research topics. On the routes you can participate in numerous experiments for young and old, as well as catch glimpses of laboratories and workshops.