Transition Bachelor - Master

If you want to start a consecutive Master's program at FIN, there are some tricks to make the transition as smooth as possible.

This page is meant to introduce you to them:

Listening to master courses in the bachelor

As soon as you have reached 120 CP in your studies, you have the possibility to listen to up to three master lectures and to have them examined in order not to waste time in the semester with only a few remaining courses.

Enrollment in the Master

Enrollment in the Master's program is possible in the summer semester as well as in the winter semester. The respective deadlines for enrollment are March 15 and September 15. You may also provisionally enroll in a consecutive Master's program if you have not yet completed your Bachelor's degree. However, you must then manage to complete your bachelor's degree by June 15 or December 15 (as of 2022, see the "Regulations for the Organization of the Application and Admission Procedure for Master's Degree Programs" at https://www.ovgu.de/immatrikulation_bewerbung.html).

Planning of the Master

The courses in the Master's program comprise only 2 semesters and 60 CP. It is advisable to already plan all events based on the current and the past Univis semester before starting your Master. Especially for the courses of the past Univis semester it is useful to ask the lecturers if the course will be offered again. This is due to research sabbaticals, staff members quitting, ... is not always the case.
Further information

If you have more specific questions, your advisor, the examination office or we at FaRaFIN will be glad to help you.