Changing your Study Course

If you realize after a few semesters that your chosen degree course is not right for you, you can change to another course.

However, an important prerequisite for a change is that you are still allowed to study the new course. If you have already definitively failed a compulsory subject in the new program, changing will no longer be possible.

Submitting an application

The transfer process is similar to enrollment. You have to log in to the myovgu portal and apply for a change of program. At the end of the process, you will receive a paper application form, which you must fill out, sign, and return to the Campus Service Center (Building 01) Student Secretariat with the relevant statements from the examination offices.

See also: FAQ of the university - What do I have to consider when changing course?

Crediting of study achievements

Especially if you change to a similar course of studies, you will surely want to keep some achievements from your previous studies. To do this, you can apply to be placed in a higher semester or to have credits awarded for work already completed. This is done by applying to the examination board. You should therefore go to the examination office (for the new degree program) as soon as possible after changing your course, and ask there.