Committee Elections 2021

Lydia Munick, 02.05.2021 20:27

YOU want to make a difference? YOU want to get involved? YOU want to change something?

Then come to our small election evening on Zoom (Meeting-ID: 690 8471 2711 ; ID: 770616) on 05.05. at 5 pm. There we will answer your questions about "work in FaRaFIN" and the committee elections!

If you want to join the FaRaFIN-list, please send an email to vorstand@farafin.de or a message on Telegram to @Legionhawk (Tim) or @lilaSachse (Tom). They will then set everything in motion.

Do you have any other questions about the committee elections? Then just ask us by mail, on the FaRaFIN Discord or to Tim or Tom via Telegram.
Please also have a look at our website: https://farafin.de/en/committee-elections/general/

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