Game night in april

Lydia Munick, 31.03.2021 12:47

Dear students,

on Friday, the 09.04.2021 from 19 o'clock, it is time for a game night! :)
With this game night we not only ring in the new semester, we also welcome all new students!

Just join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/6YzD6BT3Wy) and click through. Everyone will find the right game for himself ;)

At 19:10 o'clock, when hopefully everyone has found their way, there will make a small welcome in the category "LOUNGE" in the voice channel "Ankündigungsplatz-Announcements".
If you have any questions or want a new game channel, you can always send us a message in the text channel "Ansprechpersonen - Contact Persons" with the @Mod. The moderators will respond as soon as possible!

We are looking forward to see you und hope we all have a nice time together - no one is alone! :)

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