Instructions on hygiene regulations

Lydia Munick, 18.11.2020 08:01

Dear students,

We would like to point out that you all adhere to the hygiene regulations. Therefore we list the main points here again:

→ Sufficient hand washing!
→ If possible / available use disinfection!
→ Wear the mouth-AND-nose masks on campus, in buildings and at the learning places!
→ Keep a sufficient distance of 1.5 m!
→ No group formation on campus and in learning rooms, laboratories, seminar rooms or other learning places!
→ Maximum 4 persons per learning room, laboratory, seminar room or other learning places!
→ Only place at designated learning places! Do not sit at taped places!
→ Please pay attention to the instructions in the rooms!
→ Always log in and out using the QR codes in the rooms!
→ Food is not allowed in laboratories! In other learning rooms only if all those present do not feel bothered by the smell!
→ Smoking (even of e-cigarettes!) is not allowed / unwanted in all rooms of the building!
→ Only an office space, where the same person is sitting, is a workplace!
→ If you have Corona, please contact corona@ovgu.de with all visited presence LV of the last weeks, all visited learning rooms and work places!
→ For the latest information from the university please check https://www.ovgu.de/corona.html !

Respect each other and protect each other!

If a person does not adhere to the regulations despite the information, even if you point this out to the person, then please contact the FaRaFIN or the ISD (0391 67 54444) immediately!

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