Committee Elections 2021

Lydia Munick, 02.05.2021 20:27

YOU want to make a difference? YOU want to get involved? YOU want to change something?

Then come to our small election evening on Zoom (Meeting-ID: 690 8471 2711 ; ID: 770616) on 05.05. at 5 pm. There we will answer your questions about "work in FaRaFIN" and the committee elections!

If you want to join the FaRaFIN-list, please send an email to vorstand@farafin.de or a message on Telegram to @Legionhawk (Tim) or @lilaSachse (Tom). They will then set everything in motion.

Do you have any other questions about the committee elections? Then just ask us by mail, on the FaRaFIN Discord or to Tim or Tom via Telegram.
Please also have a look at our website: https://farafin.de/en/committee-elections/general/

job fair on april 29th (online)

Lydia Munick, 20.04.2021 15:40

Online job fair for OVGU students

The first digital job fair of the year for OVGU students will take place on April 29th, 2021 | 1 - 3 p.m. Organized by the OVGU Career Service and JobTeaser, students will have the opportunity to get to know local companies and find internships, part-time jobs or the first real job after graduation. It is also possible to get in personal contact with recruiters via live chats or Zoom conversations.

Register: https://ovgu.jobteaser.com/de/events/103903-ovgu-was-nun

Game night in april

Lydia Munick, 31.03.2021 12:47

Dear students,

on Friday, the 09.04.2021 from 19 o'clock, it is time for a game night! :)
With this game night we not only ring in the new semester, we also welcome all new students!

Just join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/6YzD6BT3Wy) and click through. Everyone will find the right game for himself ;)

At 19:10 o'clock, when hopefully everyone has found their way, there will make a small welcome in the category "LOUNGE" in the voice channel "Ankündigungsplatz-Announcements".
If you have any questions or want a new game channel, you can always send us a message in the text channel "Ansprechpersonen - Contact Persons" with the @Mod. The moderators will respond as soon as possible!

We are looking forward to see you und hope we all have a nice time together - no one is alone! :)

some care packages to give

Lydia Munick, 23.03.2021 09:54

Hi All,
In summer, there was a big food distribution campaign by the student council, of which there are still some leftovers such as pasta packages, terrines and so on.
There is not much left, but even the last bit should not remain undistributed. :)

If you are in need and could use a small food package, please write to post@farafin.de until Thursday, 25.03.2021 at 20:00 o'clock.
Distribution will be on a first come, first serve basis. Please understand.

Best regards
Your FaRaFIN

Game night in march

Lydia Munick, 08.03.2021 13:02

Dear students,

also in March there will be a game night again on Discord (https://discord.gg/6YzD6BT3Wy). On Friday 12.03. from 19 clock , it's time! At this game night there is also something to win!

At this game night you can win Steam vouchers. Yes you heard right! We have two companies that introduces themselves very briefly and with which you can chat during the evening, for example about jobs. This is an offer and not a must. This companies also sponsors a Skribbl.io and a Stadt-Land-Fluss tournament. The first 3 places of each tournament can win Steam vouchers!

About the schedule of the evening:
At 19:10 there will be, as always, a small welcome in the voice channel "Ankündigungsplatz-Announcements".
At 19:30 there will be the tournament in the voice channel "Skribbl.io 1".
At 19:30 there will be the tournament in the voice channel "Stadt-Land-Fluss".

But the evening will be as usual. You can play all games with your friends! Maybe you will meet new people and play together with them :)

Let's be a little less lonely together.
We are looking forward to you!

Report Evaluation Online Teaching

Lydia Munick, 02.03.2021 15:51

Dear FIN people,

you have diligently participated in the survey on online teaching - both students and teachers.

Marie and Tim have summarized the results and made them available to you here. Please have a look at the attachment if you are interested.

By the way, there are also suggestions from the teachers to the students.

Lending of webcams for exams

Lydia Munick, 12.02.2021 13:07

Dear students,

FaRaFIN has purchased 10 camera-microphone-equipments to provide you with for your proctored online exams.

From Monday (15.02.2021) you can borrow them! To do so, simply email us at vorstand@farafin.de from your university email. As subject you simply use "Borrowing a webcam for the exam", so that we have a better overview. The following data are important for us and should be in your mail:
-> Date of the exam
-> Suggested date for pickup and return

There are also a few rules that have to be followed! You can take these from the document in the attachment.

Additional notes:
-> We take care of the disinfection between the borrowings.
-> When returning the equipment, we briefly test its function.

We wish you good luck for your exams and stay healthy!

Corona and Exams

Lydia Munick, 04.02.2021 16:21

Dear students,

we have prepared a small overview of important websites regarding information about Corona and the exam period:

Examination Plans: https://www.inf.ovgu.de/inf/en/Study/Being+a+student/Examination+Office/Examination+Plans-p-4812.html
Alternative Exams: https://www.ovgu.de/unimagdeburg/en/alternative_pruefung-p-110902.html (Note: Boxes below are clickable)

Informations about Corona: https://www.ovgu.de/unimagdeburg/en/corona-p-97072.html
Gradual Plan of the University: https://www.ovgu.de/unimagdeburg/en/University/Information+about+the+corona+virus+and+the+behavior+of+the+university/Gradual+plan+of+the+university-p-110106.html
FAQ for international students: https://www.ovgu.de/unimagdeburg/en/University/Information+about+the+corona+virus+and+the+behavior+of+the+university/Information+for+international+students/FAQ+for+international+students-p-98190.html

Stay well and healthy!

FINde dein Praktikum

Lydia Munick, 03.02.2021 12:26

Liebe Studis,

ihr sucht noch nach einem Bachelor-Praktikum? Das MKM hat uns da was vorbereitet!

FINde dein Praktikum in der IT Branche in Magdeburg
Wann? 17.02. von 13:00-13.30 Uhr

Praktika helfen bei der Berufsorientierung und machen sich gut im Lebenslauf.
Im Termin stellen sich ZEHN Unternehmen aus der Region mit freien Praktikaplätzen ab März vor.

Ihr habt noch keinen Platz für euer Praktikum? Dann lernt im Termin unkompliziert die Unternehmen kennen und besprecht mit den Ansprechpartnern die nächsten Schritte.

Das Event findet in Zoom in deutscher Sprache statt. Die Zugangsdaten werden allen angemeldeten Teilnehmern in Moodle einen Tag vor der Veranstaltung mitgeteilt.

Wir wünschen euch viel Erfolg beim Finden eures Praktikums!

Infos zur Abgabe von Abschlussarbeiten

Lydia Munick, 01.02.2021 18:03

Studierende haben zurzeit folgende Möglichkeit zur Abgabe von Abschlussarbeiten:

- als Vorab-Sendung der elektronischen Version per E-Mail an das Prüfungsamt (pa@cs.ovgu.de), allerdings mit der gesondert geschickten und unterschriebenen Eigenständigkeitserklärung als Scan.

Die beiden Druckexemplare sind trotzdem noch erforderlich, können aber zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt abgegeben werden. Zeugnisse werden erst ausgehändigt, wenn diese Druckversionen nachgereicht worden sind.

Wenn ein Copy-Shop gefunden worden ist und die Arbeit in gedruckter Form (Achtung, die unterschriebene Eigenständigkeitserklärung muss eingebunden sein) abgegeben werden kann, sind folgende Möglichkeiten vorhanden:

- die Arbeiten in einem großen, mit der Adresse "Fakultät für Informatik, Prüfungsamt" beschrifteten Umschlag in den großen roten Briefkasten bei Gebäude 9 einwerfen

- die Sendung per Postpaket. Das Absendedatum muss erkennbar sein, dies wird dann als Abgabedatum vermerkt. Die Adresse ist

Fakultät für Informatik
Universitätsplatz 2
39106 Magdeburg

Das Prüfungsamt hat die Infos auch auf ihrer Seite https://www.inf.ovgu.de/pamt.html unter Lehrbetrieb und Prüfungen.