Corona-News 2.0 | student crisis team

Lydia Munick, 29.03.2020 18:17

Dear fellow students,

we have received numerous emails with problems from you and were able to answer most of them. Once again the call: Write us about your Corona problems, especially if you have lost your job due to the crisis or if you are not able to earn money at the moment: crisis@farafin.de Also the Stura and the rectorate need hints from us, the students to be able to react.
Some information:

  1. Prof. Mossakowski and the Examination Office have made the arrangement that theses can be submitted as PDF files as long as copy shops are closed throughout Germany. However, it is then necessary to hand in the bound copies later. You also have to send a signed sheet with thedeclaration of non-use of aids by e-mail to the examination office.
  2. A decision is in preparation which should allow the defence of the theses via video conference tools. This will hopefully be adopted by the Faculty Council next week.
  3. Some courses of other faculties (e.g. the FHW) start already on Apr. 06. (as online courses). Please pay attention if this concerns you.
  4. You can currently validate your student cards for the next semester in building 6. Especially affected by the coming months are our freshmen. We are working on distributing important information to them.

Dear first semester students: If you have acute worries about the start of your studies, please contact us. We try to help. We are currently trying to implement and enforce some measures in the background to make the coming semester easier. We hope to be able to tell you about them in the coming week.
We will keep you up to date.

On behalf of the crisis management team,
Jonas Hielscher (Faculty Council), Lydia Munick (FaraFIN), Kilian Pößel (FaraFIN), Dominik Weitz (Examination Committee)

Current use of MVB with imma certificate and ID card

Kilian Pößel, 26.03.2020 14:09

Dear fellow students,

until the official start of the course [i.e. until the attendance events / currently 20.4.]
the MVB will accept a current certificate of enrollment in connection with a
ID card/passport as sufficient proof.

The above is currently valid. At the same time once again the clarification of the MVB for the general handling
outside the corona crisis, when everything is back to normal, in the following:
"As a general rule, we do not accept a certificate of enrollment in conjunction with an
ID card will not be accepted. Students who use our transportation without a valid student ID card
without a valid student ID, must present it within one week at our customer center for a service fee of 9 EUR.
customer center. Later, the full 62 EUR will be due as an increased transportation fee. At
the beginning of the semester, the ID card should be validated before the start of the semester, if the journey to the
to the campus by bus and train."

Best regards,

Kilian Pößel

Corona-News | student crisis team

Lydia Munick, 25.03.2020 10:31

Dear fellow students,
the next semester will present us with unprecedented challenges and problems. Lectures and seminars will probably be held online and we still have no idea how exams will be organized and when theses can be defended again. Some of us are doing everything to make the concerns and needs of us students heard in the executive committees in order to find acceptable solutions for us. We have formed a student crisis team at the FIN to coordinate all efforts. At the moment our main goals are:

  1. To guarantee teaching for the coming summer semester and, if possible, with a uniform solutions for online teaching.
  2. The expeditious organisation of examinations, if necessary in alternative examination forms that do not require attendance in the faculty.
  3. The early resumption of final examinations, e.g. with the help of video conferencing solutions.
  4. General relief for students in this exceptional semester, e.g. in the form of cancelled votes and preliminary examination performance.

In the near future, many more topics will be added, such as the problems of international students with entering the country, access to laboratories while maintaining all necessary protective measures, deadline extensions, not counting the whole semester as a semester for Bafög and study duration and much more. We need your help, so that we know what is bothering you the most. Please write to us about your problems and worries for the coming semester so that we know what we have to bring
forward. The crisis committee has set up a special e-mail address for this purpose: crisis@farafin.de. If you don't tell us about your problems, we can't do anything for you and everybody would be alone in these really difficult times. We try to keep you informed about decisions and new information through all our channels
(Telegram, email, website, Facebook and others). Here is a first batch of information that may not have reached you yet:

  1. At the moment it looks like the next semester will take place, although in a significantly different form than usual.
  2. For all (!) courses of the whole university it is necessary to register in the LSF in the coming semester. In the next days (until Apr. 06.) the functionality is activated in the LSF. Please register then, but only where you really want to go. Your student e-mail address, which is stored in the LSF, will then be used by the teachers as an initial contact possibility.
  3. On behalf of the dean's office, a working group is currently working on a central solution for lectures, seminars and exercises, in form of video conferencing tools.
  4. There is still no idea when examinations will be resumed. However, we will discuss this issue with the dean's office.
  5. The permanent information page of the university: https://www.ovgu.de/corona.html

We are trying to achieve the best possible results for all of us during the crisis. Stay healthy.
On behalf of the crisis management team,
Jonas Hielscher (Faculty Council), Lydia Munick (FaraFIN), Dominik Weitz (Examination Committee)

Usability Testessen

Lydia Munick, 14.02.2020 12:45

Hallo FIN-Welt,

am 25. März findet das nächste Usability Testessen statt.

Freut Euch auf einen Abend mit Pizza und Getränken in einer kreativen und lockeren Atmosphäre. Nutzt die Chance, neue innovative Produkte auszuprobieren, noch bevor diese auf dem Markt erscheinen. Unterstützt damit deren Entwickler, indem Ihr ihnen helft, Eure Wünsche und Bedürfnisse bei der zukünftigen Verbesserung des Produktes zu berücksichtigen. [Hier mehr Infos: https://ovgu.jobteaser.com/de/events/63719-usability-testessen#]

Zur kostenlosen Anmeldung klickt einfach hier [https://usability-testessen.org/stadt/magdeburg/] und seid dabei!

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